Server Shutdown

by SOUL WORKER Z Team on 2021-09-28 12:15:33 AM

As we all know, this server activity is very low since months (because it is stuck in content updates). Unfortunately it's time to announce the shutdown of this server.

SoulWorkerZ servers are closed.

We are working on another project on the game "Saint Seiya Online", and it might be more interesting for you if you want to play with lots of content (This "Saint Seiya" server will open in early October or sooner)

All your donations at soulworkerz will be transferred to the website, provided you create the same account as before and must confirm with the format
Account: (Must be the same as the account at soulworkerz)
Email: (Must be the same as the account at soulworkerz)
Send via DM Oraigh#9155 (Before DM, join server

Saint Seiya Website:
Saint Seiya Discord :

- Donation transfer request period: 1 month from today.